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The company Sveča d.o.o., engaged in manufacturing of candles, was established in 1990 by Stanko Peter and Ivanka Peter. The company was founded as a modest family bussines with only one employee. With hard work, inovations, quality products and satisfied customers garage sale based bussines became a competative company in this industry. We produce candles, household candles, decorative candles, scented candles and candles of all kinds by request.

Podjetje Sveča-mInitially, the production of candles was based in the private premises of residential house, but these facilities over time were no longer sufficient to the demand of our products. In 25 years  we have built 5,000 m2 of usable space for production, administrative offices, warehouse and our own store. Over the years, we expanded our product lines and so the company also began producing plastic pots for candles. With the growth of production  we started employing new workers. After 25 years of bussines our company has 18 employees.

Due to the demands of the market the company continuously invests in the development of hardware, which enables the production of  more than 1,000 tons of paraffin per year. The result of this production is the trust of various retail chains in Slovenia and a number of smaller customers from all over Slovenia. More and more customers from abroad trust us. Our clients come from different European countries: Croatia, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Greece, Portugal.

The company is aware of the need to continuously invest and remain competitive in the marketplace, so we will continue to strive to keep the quality products and satisfied customers and consequently keep jobs and also to increase their number.

Our advantages are:

  • Excellent quality at a competitive price
  • Adapting to customer requirements,
  • The speed of execution of orders,

Team of company SVEČA d.o.o.

About Sveča d.o.o.

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