Address: Pobrežje 6a, 2284 Videm pri Ptuju, EU-Slovenia
Telephone: 02/ 764 05 11
Fax: 02/ 764 05 10


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Saturday: 8.00 to 13.00
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The shop Sveča d.o.o. is located in Pobrežje - Videm by Ptuj, on the regional road Ptuj - Videm, near the production of candles and is open from the very beginnings of the business.

The offer in the shop, which extends to more than 100 m2, is extremely rich, as it is one of the largest stores with candles for all occasions in Slovenia.

The shop offers grave candles which include paraffin candles, ceramic candles, glass candles, electronic candles and solar candles and in the shop are also available scented candles, baptismal candles, wedding candles and decorative candles for every occasion.

Especially wide is our offer of decorative candles which include conical candles of all colors, advent candles of different sizes and colors, floating candles and other decorative candles.


In addition to the retail business, the company is engaged in wholesale through its existing and new business partners, and with the expansion of its activities throughout Slovenia and beyond the borders.

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SVEČA d.o.o.
Pobrežje 6a
2284 Videm pri Ptuju

Phone: 00 386 2 764 05 11
Fax: 00 386 2 764 05 10